File Organiser

File Organiser 1.33

An advanced replacement for Windows Explorer

Are you forever losing files or have you just simply grown tired and weary of Windows Explorer? View full description


  • More advanced than Windows Explorer
  • Makes file management clearer
  • Stops accidental deletions


  • Complicated to get to grips with

Very good

Are you forever losing files or have you just simply grown tired and weary of Windows Explorer?

Well you might find File Organiser provides a more up to date and convenient solution. For example, with File Organiser you no longer have to open multiple windows to drag and drop files from one folder to another. The program has two main windows and several view types to facilitate the viewing of your documents and images. It's also very light on resources since it requires no installation. The key benefit with File Organiser however is that if you lose files or folders, it's usually because they've gone to the root folder. Normally in Windows Explorer, this is not immediately obvious but with File Organiser you can see at a glance what's happened. One other very useful feature is that you can stop deletions in mid process - so if you realise you've made a mistake, you can recover from it with this program. In addition, this program can also be configured to work over a network to limit access to certain files and prevent deletions.

A nice idea as an alternative to Windows Explorer but it's a little complicated for most average users despite the improvements.


  • More compatibilty with Windows 7 due to compiling with Delphi2009
  • Renaming now checks for conflicts on ALL files in the folder, not just the ones selected!
  • Fixed: renaming single photos, now displays images. (rename wasnt updated), bug in JAM component.
  • Fix EXIF tool problem, dosnt work when compiled in Delphi2009
  • Fixed several renaming bugs. Saves options, conflicts displayed ok now.
  • EXIFtool now at V8.4

Developed to replace 'Explorer', the main difference is that this uses 2 panes and has 'bookmarks'.

To make life much easier, especially for teachers. Two windows makes it simpler to copy FROM and TO. This is also several programs in one including a replacement File Explorer and a camera and USB pen detection utility.

File Organiser


File Organiser 1.33